Welcome to our new Blog!

Find out more about our destinations, things to do, useful hints and tips and much more!

Hello, and welcome to Paul’s blog here on Seaside Golf Tours.

I’ll be writing about various things to do with golf, and articles about the areas in which we operate.

Also, I’ll be doing some handy guides about travelling in the UK, such as driving, healthcare and hiring of golf equipment.

Look out for some articles on whiskey distillery tours, castles and other tourist attractions that may be of interest while you are visiting the UK.

If food is your thing, I’ll be taking a look at Scotland’s best restaurants, including the only 2 Michelin starred restaurant in Scotland, which is located at a golf course.

I’ll also take a look at some of the top attractions in Scotland, such as Loch Ness, The Royal Yacht Britannia, and Edinburgh Castle.

I won’t be forgetting England, Northern Ireland or Ireland, and will be posting articles of interest on those areas as well.

If there is anything in particular that you’d like to see covered, then please get in touch.

I’ll be posting something weekly, so keep an eye out for new posts!